Body Sculpting Class

Sculpt and tone your body with a Loggerhead Fitness body sculpting class! Body sculpting transforms your body and helps you to become stronger – physically and mentally. 

Whether you are looking to tone up, keep excess weight off, or carry your kids or grandkids, a sculpting class can help you to gain the endurance and strength needed for a healthy life. 

With Loggerhead Fitness, you don’t have to spend money on expensive equipment or frantically search online for workouts. We have professional equipment, qualified trainers and instructors to guide you through a body sculpting session. Our group or 1-on-1 body sculpting sessions in Florida are structured to keep you pumped – try our 1-week trial gym membership that will keep you coming back for more.

What Is Included In a Body Sculpting or Body Contouring Class

Looking for body sculpting classes in Florida? Body sculpting will give you a strong and beautiful body. The exercises use weight sources such as dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands or your body weight. Don’t panic – you will get to choose the form of exercise and weight that works for you. 

When you attend a Loggerhead Fitness body sculpting or body contouring class, your instructor will focus on using exercises to strengthen your muscles and core and get your heartbeat up. In time, and with regular sessions, the transformation will surprise you. You will feel energized, stronger, and determined to take on the world.

Benefits of Body Sculpting Classes

  • You can choose a group or one-on-one setting headed by a personal trainer or professional instructor who will teach you how to safely perform an exercise
  • Body sculpting classes are an excellent way to lose weight and gain muscle
  • We lose muscle with age but strength exercising can help you to retain muscle mass and keep your muscles strong
  • Classes at a gym setting provide you with access to equipment and other facilities to help support your fitness journey
  • Strength training activities improve balance and flexibility, contribute to good joint and bone health, and are great for mental health.

Body Sculpting Group Exercise Classes

If you prefer to be in a group or socialize, we got you. Choose a body sculpting group exercise class to receive support from your peers while you learn. We have low-intensity to high-intensity training sessions available. Reserve a spot to get started.

Body Sculpting 1-on-1 Personal Training or Ssmall Group Training

Need to work alone with an instructor or don’t like groups? Loggerhead fitness provides 1-on-1 and small group training so that you can receive a little more support for your needs. With 1-on-1 sessions, our instructors will work closely with you to help you to correct your form and hit your goals. 

Our small group setting gives you the best of both the group classes and 1-on-1 sessions – you receive the same level of personal attention from a solo session with peer support that comes with group settings. Book a session here.

Body Sculpting FAQs

Yes, many bodybuilders, athletes, and celebrities use body sculpting exercises to tone and improve their physique. It also helps you to get the strength and stamina needed for everyday life.

It will depend on your goals. Most beginners do 2-3 times a week. Those looking for a better calorie burn can do more. We have classes available throughout the week to fit your goals. View our classes here.

Yoga, pilates, and any bodyweight or resistance training workout are excellent exercises for all ages.

We recommend visiting our gym or contacting our trainers to help you to get started on an exercise that is suitable for you.

A workout that focuses on exercising the entire body and all muscle groups.

Contact us today to book a body sculpting class in Florida to get fitter and stronger!

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