Cycling Classes In Juno Beach

Cycling in Juno Beach has never been easier. No need to go outside to get fit with cycling classes in Juno Beach. Loggerhead Fitness can help you to get healthy and beach-ready, whilst enjoying a comfortable and quiet indoor environment. 

Juno Beach is a beautiful area to live in but it can be difficult to get exercise outdoors during the summer months or with crowds. Loggerhead Fitness provides group cycles to help you show off your body at the beach or to keep yourself fit so you can keep exploring and enjoying yourself with the vibrant Juno community.

What Is a Cycling Class?

Cycling classes provide gym users with a form of exercise that is low impact (on a stationary bicycle or spinning bike) in a class setting. An indoor cycling class or spin class offers you the comfort of being indoors while you build up endurance and good cardiovascular health. 

Loggerhead Fitness has a group cycle class in Juno Beach that caters to all fitness levels. Don’t know how to ride a bike or are worried about stability? No worries here – the indoor cycling bike is fixed to the floor, offering you stability support as you start your cycling journey.

Benefits of Indoor Cycling Classes

Thinking of trying out indoor cycling? Here are the many benefits are using our group cycling classes in Juno Beach:

  • Group cycle is one of the most effective non-impact exercises. It is safe enough for all ages to do and easy on the joints.
  • Cycling is a form of cardio that assists with good heart health. The more you get your heart pumping, the better.
  • A group cycle class can count towards your daily recommended activity needed for good overall health as we get older. 
  • A spin class will help you to gain muscular strength and endurance. You will have more strength and endurance to carry heavy grocery bags, enjoy more walks on the beach or games with your grandkids.
  • Cycling burns calories that can encourage you to create healthier eating habits, all of which contribute to weight loss.

What To Expect At Your First Indoor Cycling Class

At Loggerhead Fitness you can expect to find high end Schwinn AC Pro bikes  with Carbon Blue Belt Drives, which are known for their superior ride feel and commercial performance. Our bikes are cleaned and adjusted weekly to ensure their functionality. Our studio is bright enough to enjoy your experience but not too bright as to distort your vision while cycling. Our spin teachers have the stamina to create an environment that motivates you to keep going. 

Some classes incorporate weights but don’t worry as you will have a choice between the heaviness. You may be nervous at first but once the music starts playing and the spin teacher starts their instruction, you will be too caught up in the exciting atmosphere to notice the hour has passed.

Tips For a Great Cycling Class

  • Wear a good sports bra
  • Paddle in full circles
  • Remember to breathe
  • Try not to dance on the bike
  • Grab some water beforehand
  • Use good cycling shoes

Cycling Class FAQs

Absolutely! Cycling improves your cardio, strength, and endurance levels.

Yes, in conjunction with a healthy eating plan, cycling classes can help you to burn off more calories than you consume and lose weight.

Indoor cycling classes are for all fitness levels. If you find it difficult at first, keep at it – your endurance levels will soon improve with a few lessons.

Yes, cycling helps you to target your core and make it stronger.

Our group cycling classes are an hour long.

Ready to get fit? Visit Loggerhead Fitness for cycling classes in Juno Beach today!

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