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Cycling Classes Jupiter Florida

Indoor cycling classes are a great way to get your heart rate up, while also getting an endorphin boost. These exhilarating classes provide a fun group activity that also pushes towards better cardiovascular fitness, builds up strength and tones your muscles. Here’s what you need to know about our group indoor cycling classes in Jupiter, Florida.

The Dos and Don’ts of an Indoor Cycling Class

To get off to a good start in an indoor cycling class at Loggerhead Fitness, please observe the following dos and don’ts, both for your own safety and comfort, and out of courtesy to your fellow attendees and instructor:

  • Be punctual, so that you come in when the class has already started. It’s probably a good idea to be there a few minutes early.
  • Get set up before you start: Make sure your seat and handlebars are in a comfortable position. Ask your instructor for help if you need it.
  • Hydrate: Make sure you drink plenty of water before the class and keep a water bottle handy so you can replenish your fluids as you work out.
  • Hinge at your hips: For the most comfortable riding experience, lean forward so that your upper body is in front of your hips, and draw your shoulders away from your ears to avoid tensing up.

Are There Any Risks To An Indoor Cycling Class?

It is always best to ease yourself into a new exercise program. Cycling is an exercise that really pushes your cardiovascular fitness. Take it at your own pace and push yourself gently. Try to keep up with the class, but listen to your body and slow down if you need to. Also, remember to drink plenty of water during the session. Hydration is absolutely essential, as you will be losing a lot of fluids due to sweat and exertion.

Indoor Biking vs Outdoor Biking – Which is Best to Burn Calories?

Both stationary and outdoor biking are excellent activities, and they offer benefits that are almost identical. However, it does appear that outdoor biking burns slightly more calories. Say you weigh 155 pounds, for example. You will burn an average of about 298 calories cycling indoors at a moderate speed for around 30 minutes. If you were to take your mountain bike out for a ride for the same length of time, at the same speed, you would burn about 316 calories. It still amounts to a decent calorie burn either way, and indoor cycling is safer and a little more convenient. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference.

Slow and Steady vs a Fast and Intense Cycling Class

Should you go fast for short bursts, or slow for longer periods? Our classes include a blend of both. Each of these modes has a different set of benefits. Cycling slowly and steadily for long periods employs your aerobic metabolism, which strengthens your cardiovascular system. Faster and more intense cycling makes your anaerobic system kick in. You can’t maintain this for very long, but it forces your muscles to adapt and grow stronger. To really enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling, you need a little of both.

Cycling Classes Jupiter FAQ’s

The level of difficulty of a class will depend on which one you attend, as well as the preferences of the instructor. However, you should always remember that, no matter what everyone else is doing, you can set your own pace. If you can keep up with the instructor, that’s great, but you can also take things a little slower if you need to.

Both running and cycling give your lower body an excellent workout. Running involves more muscles and so facilitates better all-round toning. On the other hand, cycling places the emphasis on your legs and glutes (butt), which makes for more focused toning and strength building in these muscles. Cycling is also a lower impact exercise, which means your joints will take less of a pounding than they would when running.

Yes. Since cycling targets your glutes, it should lift and tone your butt very effectively.

Cycling targets your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves, as well as training your back, core, and even enables you to do a little work on your upper body.

Indoor cycling is absolutely safe for pregnant women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has given the exercise its stamp of approval. Just to be extra safe, do consult your doctor before you begin attending classes.

If you are looking for safe, fun and challenging indoor cycling classes in Jupiter, Florida, come and join us at Loggerhead Fitness.

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