Your Safety Is Our Priority

The driving force behind what we do is our passion for exercise and for helping others stay healthy and fit.

The gym is an oasis for many of us; not only for exercise but also as a social outlet. Due to COVID-19, Loggerhead Fitness had to stop, pivot, and rethink its safety measures in order to survive. Along with following government guidelines, we have implemented a number of other services to ensure the safety of our members.


  • In a recent industry study conducted by IHRSA (International Health and Racquet Sports Association), 2,873 gyms from around the country reported that over a 3-month period that included 49.4-million-member check-ins, the infection rate was minuscule, .0023%. There is no evidence that any positive cases originated in gyms.  If fact, there is a strong argument that gyms may be among the safest places to be in when it comes to indoor gatherings. READ FULL ARTICLE
  • 70% of our members fall between the ages of 55 & 90. This is the least risky population in terms of their behavior during this pandemic.
  • Our surfaces around the club and our equipment is wiped down frequently and are hyper-clean.
  • Our air quality is now safer than ever before.
  • Members and staff are wearing face coverings when at all possible.
  • We have implemented a new class reservation system to keep Group X classes from getting too crowded.


To keep our weights, plates, bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, screens, bands, balls, tubes, mats, handles, chairs, lockers, doors, and counters clean we use anti-microbial wipes.  Members and staff are working together and doing a fantastic job of keeping our surfaces clean-perhaps cleaner than any other gym in the area.


Infectious disease experts have now determined that Covid-19 is an airborne virus.  Surface transmission has taken a back seat to this news. To combat this issue, we have invested in a high-tech air purification system called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. It’s a technology that kills germs and viruses that are expelled into the air and is preferred by facility managers to create healthier spaces. The technology generates a high voltage field that creates positive and negative ions. These ions travel through the airstream and actively target contaminants in the airfield, strip them of hydrogen, and reduce them to harmless base compounds.  It runs through our HVAC system.  We hired a local Jupiter-based HVAC supplier,  Sailfish Mechanical to install these in-duct air sanitation devices. To learn more about NPBI, read this short article and/or watch this 3-minute video.  This technology delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy, without producing ozone or other harmful by-products.


For several months we have been complying with the mandatory mask mandate put in place by the county commissioners.  This means you need to wear a face-covering when you walk in and out of the facility. There are exceptions to this mandate, one of which is vigorous exercise.  Our club policy is that our staff wear face coverings, this includes front desk, instructors, and personal trainers.  However, if you are not comfortable being around others that are not wearing a face covering, especially while exercising, then we would advise you not to come in.


Even with our air purification system, surface disinfecting, and face coverings, it is encouraged that you keep physical distancing while working out. This is something we expect all members to be aware of and to use common sense.

The one area we are paying great attention to is our group fitness classes.  In order to keep physical distancing in our studio, we have to limit our capacity to no more than 14 students.  For this reason, we have implemented a new class reservation system.


There is plenty of time during the day when the fitness center is not busy, especially in the afternoon, between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.  Due to the pandemic, our attendance is down. You will find that we are not crowded, even during our busy times.


Our Group X classes are being streamed live daily and are available on demand.  Our personal trainers now use an industry-best digital training platform that allows you to have an amazing home workout experience– online through a computer or tablet. If you cannot come to us, let us come to you!