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205, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Yoga

May 2, 2022|

Thinking about starting yoga? Yoga is an ancient body-mind practice that involves exercises, also known as physical poses. Yoga also requires concentration and deep breathing. Yoga has grown in popularity across the globe because it offers fantastic physical and mental health benefits. What does yoga mean? Yoga means integration, wholeness, and unit. As a

404, 2022

What is Body Sculpting?

April 4, 2022|

Body sculpting is also known as weight training, strength training, and resistance training. It’s a muscle-toning class that focuses on building core strength. Most body sculpting classes use exercise bands, resistance bands, and weights to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Once you commit to body sculpting classes, you’ll start to see the end

1003, 2022

Why join a gym?

March 10, 2022|

Not sure if you should join a gym? We’re all aware that going to the gym can make us fitter, improve our overall health, and help us achieve our fitness goals. Whether your goal is to improve your strength, lose weight, boost your endurance, or stay active – going to the gym can help you

803, 2022

Everything You Wanted to Know about Zumba Classes

March 8, 2022|

If you’re not a fan of going on a long run, doing a bunch of ab exercises, or lifting heavy weights, then Zumba classes should be your go-to. In 2001, Zumba was officially founded in the US by a Colombian dancer, Alberto "Beto" Perez. Although the dance workout wasn’t quick to rise in popularity,

802, 2022

6 essential things to bring to your first yoga class

February 8, 2022|

Not sure what things to bring to your first yoga class? So you’ve decided to sign up for your first yoga class because you’ve heard about all the fantastic benefits that yoga offers. Yoga can improve your quality of life, reduce anxiety and stress, help with back pains, and even lower your blood pressure.

102, 2022

1-on-1 Training: why personal training is the way to go

February 1, 2022|

Compared to the traditional gym experience and group training, 1-on-1 training definitely offers unique perks. This is especially true for people who are new to the fitness world. With a standard gym membership, you might have to wait for machines to become available, or you might feel anxious about not knowing how to use