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2109, 2022

Meet Patricia Eltinge

September 21, 2022|

LHF: Hi Patricia. Thank you for participating in our Member Spotlight. Tell me a little about yourself? Patricia: I work as a Transactional Analyst teaching communication skills that make relationships work better, from romantic relationships to workplace relationships. I take calls and have sessions with clients from literally all over the world who are

1207, 2022

Why Zumba Is The Perfect Exercise For Older Adults

July 12, 2022|

Not sure if you should try out Zumba for older adults? Let us guess: you want to start exercising, but the whole idea feels incredibly daunting since you think you might not be in the right age demographic or have the right fitness level.  Not to worry, Zumba is one of the most senior-friendly

507, 2022

4 Reasons why Elderly Fitness is Important

July 5, 2022|

Not sure why elderly fitness is essential? Regular exercise and physical activity should form a part of everyone’s lifestyle. There are many benefits associated with attending the gym and exercising in general. For example, exercise helps improve your body’s strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. It can also give you more energy and help prevent

706, 2022

Benefits of Group Yoga Classes

June 7, 2022|

There are many benefits of group yoga classes. And while practicing yoga on your own in your living room is a more convenient solution, a group yoga class can help you establish a sense of community and accountability.  But that’s not all. Group yoga classes can also motivate you to attend practice regularly and

205, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Yoga

May 2, 2022|

Thinking about starting yoga? Yoga is an ancient body-mind practice that involves exercises, also known as physical poses. Yoga also requires concentration and deep breathing. Yoga has grown in popularity across the globe because it offers fantastic physical and mental health benefits. What does yoga mean? Yoga means integration, wholeness, and unit. As a

404, 2022

What is Body Sculpting?

April 4, 2022|

Body sculpting is also known as weight training, strength training, and resistance training. It’s a muscle-toning class that focuses on building core strength. Most body sculpting classes use exercise bands, resistance bands, and weights to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Once you commit to body sculpting classes, you’ll start to see the end