Fitness Instructor

Imagine this; you have a big event coming up and need to look your best.  You know that making a great first impression can make the difference of people’s opinion of you.  So, you decide to search for a fitness instructor in Juno Beach that will help you look good for your big event.  While searching you notice a gym in Juno Beach known as Loggerhead Fitness.  Loggerhead Fitness is a family oriented gym that provides the most certified and best fitness instructors in Juno Beach.

At Loggerhead Fitness we are proud to say we have the most certified and best fitness instructors in Juno Beach.  We say this because we make sure that all of our fitness instructors and group instructors have the proper certifications and experience to personal train at our gym.  We want to provide customers with the most educated fitness instructors, so they know they are getting the highest quality service for their money.

When members come to Loggerhead Fitness they know they are coming to a high quality gym, and a gym that is maintained and clean.  We have maintenance cleaning our gym daily and a cleaning crew that cleans everything each night.  We want to have the cleanest equipment for our customers to work with their fitness instructor and at their own leisure.

Once you decide to join us at Loggerhead Fitness, you will realize that we are a family oriented gym.  Customers quickly realize that it is not like a “chain gym” where you may be working out in an uncomfortable setting, we pride ourselves in providing a comfortable workout atmosphere and providing the best fitness instructors in Juno Beach.  For more information about our gym or fitness instructors in Juno Beach, contact or join us for a free trial today.

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FREE Fitness Consultation for any member

Why not take advantage of our complimentary 30-minute fitness consultation.  Set up an appointment today to meet with one of our certified personal trainers. Each session includes a health questionnaire and a discussion around your current fitness goals.

Please call us at 561.625.3011 for information or come for a visit! We’d love to see you.