We are at the tail end of what we call “season” here at Loggerhead Fitness and what a season it has been!  The gym has been full of hustle and bustle since November.  The Group X room, especially, has been filled to the brim with eager exercise enthusiasts. Now, as we look to close out April, most of our friends from the north have returned home, and it’s just us full-timers.

I’ve just completed my first year as Group X director here at Loggerhead Fitness.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for my job.  Some might think I can’t be serious, right?!  It seems like I have to listen to endless complaints about everything under the sun.  You name it and it’s been complained about and that’s just members.  Add in instructors needing subs, management issues and so on, and it seems enough to send the person in charge of this gig running for the hills.  I guess I just think about it like this: the toughest part of my job is dealing with people, but you know what the best part is? The people.

It’s true … I am thankful for each one of you who shows up at Loggerhead Fitness.  I once heard it said that if you find something you love to do, you will never work a day in your life.  Guess what?  I have found what I love to do.  It is a privilege to lead other people in healthy lifestyles.  We are all working toward a similar goal; I just get to help lead you there.

It is my goal not only in my personal classes but the other classes we offer to stay current with the trends.  I am thrilled to have such a talented group of instructors that give 100% in every class.  From yoga to Zumba, Silver Sneakers to cycling and everything in between, our instructors are top notch and truthfully make my job as director easy.  I’m always confident they are getting the job done.

Our Group X room is a constant work in progress but I’m thrilled with the changes we’ve made this year.  The addition of the water cooler and upgraded equipment were much needed.  Be on the lookout for new weight containers and a more organized storage room very soon.  I’m also pleased at how useful the sub board has been.  I’m looking at ways to keep you updated about class changes or subs though social media and email as well.

The best part of my job is each of you!  I’m thankful for each of you, whether you’re a full-timer or a part-timer.  You are a delight and I wouldn’t trade these friendships for anything.  I’m looking forward to another year together.  Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions or problems.  I’m here for you and want to do everything I can to keep you coming back.

Finally, if you are new to Loggerhead Fitness Group X, welcome!  I invite you to try as many classes as you can and get to know people.  Please contact me at amanda@loggerheadfitness.com anytime.