Group X News.  Get ready for summer schedule changes.

In the spirit of keeping things fresh we have some instructor news and changes in our schedule to announce.  Changes go into effect starting Wednesday, June 1st.

Noah Roman is now instructing the Boxing Circuit class Monday at 9am.  Noah is our most sought after personal trainer when it comes to boxing and focused mitt work.  You won’t want to miss his class.  GREAT cardio and muscle building work out.

Jacey Barnes is back!  A long-time friend of the club and group cycle instructor, Jacey is teaching our Tuesday morning 7am Group Cycle class.  Welcome back Jacey!

Zumba Thursday also getting some love.  Amanda is taking some time off this summer and we have two dynamic and experienced Zumba instructors filling in.  Martha-Paula will teach the Zumba 12:30pm class and Jill Hanson will instruct the Zumba Silver class that starts at 1:30pm.

We take a summer break with two evening classes, Tuesday 6:30pm Group Cycle (CJ) and the Wednesday 6:30pm Zumba (Martha-Paula) will go on hiatus, in early October when the bodies return we will fill these time slots.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the SUMMER SCHEDULE.

If you are new to Loggerhead Fitness Group X, welcome!  I invite you to try as many classes as you can and get to know people.  If you have comments or questions please contact me at