Loggerhead Fitness is now offering a Mind Body Rock studio class! This is as 60 minute class inspired by power yoga and the principles of pilates. Great for anyone that is looking for a high intensity class that is easy on your joints. Class date and times TBD.

One hour of total body functional fitness practice inspired by Pilates Matwork and the athletic flow of power yoga. Your well  earned reward is in the last few minutes with Relax & Restore inspired by music to quiet the mind and calm the body.  The playlist rocks the pace of your practice to create the high and low intensity intervals to challenge your current level of fitness for intermediate to advanced level students.  Suggestions to modify for common injures are offered so you can stay in the flow to get results!   You will stand taller with strength, length, and core control.   Thanks to the therapeutic benefits of hatha  yoga and Pilates exercise your joints, muscles, and connective tissues gain range of motion, strength & stability, and suppleness.  You’ll enjoy better sports performance with lower risk of injury or simply walk with a confident, healthy stride.

Focusing your mind on matching your breath to movement and also to music is exercise for your mind as well as your body!  Mind-body focus enhances mental clarity as the conscious mind is engaged in the mastery of body movement and breath; flowing your movement and breath to great music ups the fun factor and keeps you coming back for more for the results that matter most to you.

A great playlist of music inspires high & low intervals customized to meet the cardio, strength, flexibility, fitness and health needs of adolescents, young adults, and fit and “will be fit” baby boomers.

Please call us at 561.625.3011 for information or come for a visit! We’d love to see you.