This month we are featuring Yoga Drills Classes at Loggerhead Fitness.

This is a yoga class that is great for building strength. We will do “drills” or exercises with multiple reps focused on developing the overall strength needed to advance in your yoga practice. We will incorporate poses that build arm, core, and leg strength. As a compliment to the strengthening, we will do gentle yoga stretches in between exercises.

Using moves from pilates as well as basic yoga, you will be challenged and break a sweat in this class aimed to help you get stronger.

Increase your heart rate without leaving the mat!

Instructor Bio: Kelsey is a certified yoga instructor and a Registered Nurse. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and has felt many benefits from practicing mindfulness and movement. Her intention is to help people relax, either through the feeling of ease after hard work, or through stillness, calm and releasing tension by stretching. She believes that the more relaxed we are, the more of ourselves we can bring to the present moment. She cares about making yoga accessible to all body types and levels.