Juno Beach Family Fitness Center

Finding a Juno Beach family fitness center that is able to fit all the needs of your family may take some decision making.  This is why Loggerhead Fitness makes it easy for you to decide because we are in fact a family owned gym.  Our fitness center has been operating for several years now and has geared itself towards best serving all members of a family.  We offer personal trainers and group fitness classes, so everyone in the family has an opportunity to get involved and have fun with fitness.

Once you and your family decide to visit us we will begin by giving you a detailed tour of our facility and even offer you a free trial.  We are sure we will provide you with a gym experience unlike any other you have had and provide every member of your family with some sort of special feature.  To begin, we have the best personal trainer Juno Beach has to offer and will provide you with a precise workout fit exactly to your needs.

Secondly, we have the greatest variety of group fitness classes in in Juno Beach so you will be able to try multiple different classes to see which ones you like the most.  If you can’t decide we welcome to you proceed with taking as many classes as you would like. We are sure you will eventually find a class that fits your likes and gets you into the best shape of your life.

We like to say, “You get what you pay for” at our Juno Beach family fitness center and we truly believe if you want the best exercise experience, you will come to us.  We have all the best features anyone could ask for and have something for all age groups.  No longer do you need to think about which Juno Beach family fitness center you should join because Loggerhead Fitness is the fitness center for you.

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FREE Fitness Consultation for any member

Why not take advantage of our complimentary 30-minute fitness consultation.  Set up an appointment today to meet with one of our certified personal trainers. Each session includes a health questionnaire and a discussion around your current fitness goals.

Please call us at 561.625.3011 for information or come for a visit! We’d love to see you.