Loggerhead Fitness Memberships

Loggerhead Fitness – the #1 Rated Fitness Club in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast – has a Membership Program like no other…

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**Pass cannot be picked up without filling out the registration form above. Print out your Free Week Pass and bring into Loggerhead Fitness to be validated. One pass only per guest, new members only, must be over 18 years old, local residents only and proper ID required, free week pass does NOT apply to college students on break or seasonal visitors.



Loggerhead Fitness prides itself on being flexible. Are you seasonal? Do you need only a few weeks, a few days, a couple months? Or, do you live here year round? What ever your situation we have a membership that will fit your needs.

Seasonal (Short-Term) Memberships

We can customize any membership length from two-weeks to six months. Call or stop by and we can give you a quote.

Daily – $17.00
Weekly – $45.00
1M – $102
2M – $198
3M – $285
4M- $360
5M- $430
6M- $480

Group X classes are not included with above pricing.

Monthly – $30.00
Weekly – $10.00

Memberships do not include Florida sales tax, (7%). Freeze only for medical emergencies. All sales final, no refunds.

Annual Memberships

The majority of our members pay less than $13.00 per week! This rate is offered when you join for one year. Enrollment fee required.

(EFT) rates – Electronic Funds Transfer – Credit Card or Checking Account (ACH).

Month-to-Month – Cancel with 30 days notice.
Gym with Group X classes – $69.95 + tax
Gym with no classes – $59.95 + tax

Monthly with 12-month commitment
Gym with Group X classes – $59.95 + tax
Gym with no classes – $49.95 + tax

(PIF) rates – Pay in full for entire year up front – Get extra month FREE!

Annual membership – 13-Months
Gym with Group X classes – $719.40 + tax
Gym with no classes – $599.40 + tax

Enrollment Fees

To be eligible for our lowest rates PIF or EFT members are required to pay a one-time enrollment fee. We will always honor a two-for-one enrollment fee. Join with your spouse, friend or colleague and both of you will save!

Enrollment fee: $140.00

Annual Uplift Fee

All members pay an annual uplift fee.  This fee is charged each January.  Revenue generated from uplift fees go exclusively toward facility improvements and new equipment.  This assures that each year our club gets “uplifted” giving our members a better workout environment and experience.

Single – $55
Family – $85

Freeze/Cancel Policy

Short term PIF memberships of six month or less cannot be frozen.

Annual memberships and monthly EFT memberships can be frozen. Freezes are for an entire calendar month and are limited to six months within a one year period (12 consecutive months).

  • $10 per month + tax for individual EFT membership
  • $15 per month + tax for family EFT membership
  • $25 + tax for individual PIF Annual Membership *
  • $40 + tax for family PIF Annual Membership *

*Freeze time added on to end of membership.

Cancellation policy is 30 days notice. This is a strict policy. We will ask you to initialize this policy on your agreement.

Insurance Based Memberships

If you are 65 or older and subscribed to a Medicare advantage plan, there is a good chance your membership is covered and you will not need to pay us directly.  Instead we get reimbursed each time you visit and check-in.  There is no limit on your usage per month.  You can come daily.  We include five classes per week that you can attend at no extra charge.  These classes (Silver Sneakers) are chair based classes designed for the active aging adult.

Ins Plus membership
Pay $40 per month and you can take any of our 40+ Group X fitness classes taught weekly.
Pay $105 for 3-months up front and save $15.

Insurance Plans we accept:  Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, Silver & Fit, Active & Fit, Prime, Fitness Your Way, Well on Target.  If you are not certain that your plan includes a free gym membership, call your insurance provider and ask. All plans issue a Fitness ID #.  Bring this number in to us so we can validate you through our insurance portal.  Once you are validated you can join.

Personal Training and Small Group Training

Click here and view our pricing page for SGT and PT sessions.

Price Integrity

We believe in price integrity. No games, no hocus pocus, no wheeling, and dealing. Our prices are fair, reasonable, and competitive. We are not the lowest-priced gym in town nor are we the most expensive. We are genuine and we are certain you will get the best value in town. If you are not prepared to invest at least $13 per week towards living a longer healthier life, we are probably not the right fitness center for you.

1-Week Trial Membership

We encourage you to come in and judge for yourself. Try us out for a week for FREE! Call us for more details about our one-week complimentary membership**.

* Does not include applicable state sales tax
** Must be 18 years of age or older – local residents only. Other restrictions may apply. No enrollment fee, Paid in full only.

View our Class Schedule or call/text us at 561.625.3011 for more information on Membership!

Download CANCEL/FREEZE form.  Please fax : (561) 627-9468 or email to: info@loggerheadfitness.com this signed form to cancel or freeze your membership.  If you do not get a confirmation from us please call to check that your form has been received.