Personal Fitness Trainer

There is nothing like having a personal fitness trainer to amp up a workout.  Whether you have been working out for years and have not been getting the results you have wanted or looking for someone to push you a few more reps, a personal fitness trainer is a fantastic option.  At Loggerhead Fitness we provide our members with the best personal fitness trainers in the area.

At Loggerhead Fitness our personal fitness trainers are required to be certified personal trainers and CPR certified, so rest assure you will be in good hands.  When hiring a personal fitness trainer they will design a program specific to the needs of each individual.  All of our trainers have different backgrounds, so you will be placed with the trainer that can tend to your individual needs the best.

Whether you are someone who has been working out for years and not getting results or someone who has been looking for more motivation during your workout, a personal fitness trainer from Loggerhead Fitness is the best option.  By following your program, you achieve your goals and be well on your way to being a healthier you.

Now that we have helped explain how a personal fitness trainer can help you by reaching your goals, it is time to make the decision and commit to a healthy lifestyle.  We welcome everyone to Loggerhead Fitness for your personal fitness trainer because the time for change is now.  We look forward to seeing you soon at Loggerhead Fitness.

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FREE Fitness Consultation for any member

Why not take advantage of our complimentary 30-minute fitness consultation.  Set up an appointment today to meet with one of our certified personal trainers. Each session includes a health questionnaire and a discussion around your current fitness goals.

Please call us at 561.625.3011 for information or come for a visit! We’d love to see you.