Everyone wants to lose weight, myself included!  There are two surefire ways to get frustrated and quit…..The scale and dieting!

If you are losing weight the right way, you are eating a healthy diet and you are exercising.  If you are doing a good workout, you will build muscle.  There will be points in your workout and weight loss quest where you will get on that scale and it won’t have moved down, or it has gone up…..STAY OFF IT!  Get a tape measure and take measurements on day 1 and then every week after.  Don’t listen to the tale of the scale, believe the tale of the tape!  If you can’t help but weigh yourself, only do it ever 2 weeks, it’s often enough to show your progress.  As long as the tale of the tape is a happy story, you are doing fine!

I’m sure you’re saying “A diet will make you quit trying to lose weight? Is she crazy?”.  Nope, I’m not crazy!  Eating healthy is a key component to losing weight, but the word “DIET” automatically makes you feel like you are depriving yourself of something!  Get away from using terms like “I’m on a diet”.  Try saying that you are eating clean or healthy, and then eat clean and healthy!  If you find a good meal plan for weight loss that is healthy and clean you are going to be amazed at how much you actually eat!  Weight loss is about eating the right foods, not about starving yourself!  When you eat the right foods, you may be surprised to find that you are rarely hungry!  I wish I could tell you that you can eat this 1 secret thing and lose weight, or take this one crazy natural weight loss supplement, and the pounds just melt away, but there really isn’t a magic pill that you can click here, and order.  A healthy, clean meal plan WILL, however, keep you full all day and you will lose weight!

Bottom line?  Toss the scale and the diet and lose the weight you want to!

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