Way back in 1966 the Dallas Bed Rest Study was performed to see what the effects of bed rest were on Elite Athletes. The athletes were tested prior to their bed rest to measure cardiac output, lung function, muscle function, etc….NONE of the athletes was ill. They were all in peak shape! What the scientists discovered was that it takes three times longer to regain peak performance than it does to lose performance! What does that mean? Well, these athletes were on bed rest for three weeks, it took nine to get back to peak shape!

How does that apply to you and being sick? Illness contributes to further deterioration of muscle tone, cardiac output, lung function, etc….So if you have been ill for even a couple of days and decided to rest, which you should, don’t beat yourself up about your workouts not being as intense as you are used to! Give it at least three times the number of days you rested to get back to your usual performance level! Hope this helps relieve any frustration if you have had to take a break from your workouts!

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