Everywhere you look today there are ads for the myriad of products that are available to enhance your workout or weight loss.  How do you know where you should start?  How can you tell if a product is truly beneficial, or just has great marketing?

There are many factors that affect the types of products you might want to use.  Your training program, your nutrition program, your goals, and of course your medical and medication histories.  If you have a complex medical history, you should, of course speak to your doctor before you begin any supplements.  Just because they claim to be good for you or natural, doesn’t mean that they don’t have interactions with other drugs nor does it mean that they are inherently “safe”!

For others, you should speak with your trainer!  If you aren’t working with a trainer let us know and we can help find the right one for you.  The advantage of getting advice from your trainer for what will really help with your fitness results is that most of them have tried many of the supplements available.  You should already be working closely with them on your program and your goals, and this knowledge will help them determine, with you, what is best for you.  Every different product on the market has a different composition.  For example, one protein shake is not the same as another.  Some have whey protein, others have soy protein, they all have differing levels of carbohydrates, and some even have stimulants.

Bottom Line:  The supplement industry has some great products and they may be right for you, but before you go invest in hundreds of dollars of products because you believe their marketing campaigns, talk with someone who knows what you are getting in to!

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