LHF: Hello Kelly, Amanda, and Jill. Thanks so much for being our Spotlights this month. First, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Amanda: Hello, I’m from Wellington and I currently work as a firefighter paramedic. I have been into fitness more recently in the last few years, but obviously I didn’t know what I was doing because I was never seeing results. Since Kelly and I have been training with Jill, I’m actually seeing results. 

Kelly: My name is Kelly Wiener. I’ve always been into fitness, but kind of lost track of it. In a sense that you kind of go through phases as a woman and you put everything ahead of yourself.

Kelly: Before and After

Due to some health issues, I had gained some weight and I finally got the nerve to approach Jill and ask for help.

LHF: How did the two of you meet?

Kelly: Amanda and I met about six years ago through the Kids’ Cancer Foundation in Palm Beach County. She had a daughter who was fighting leukemia and I serve on the board for the foundation as the executive board president. I also do pro bono legal work for them. So, we met and strangers became friends and friends became family and now we’re like sisters. Her kids are like my kids and vice versa. Her daughter’s been in remission – She’s 10 years old now. And Amanda now sits on the board as well.

LHF: That’s incredible! Can you tell us a bit more about the charity?

Kelly: Kids Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charity. Everything that we bring in is through donations or grant money. 90% of every dollar that comes in through the foundation goes to our patients and our families. 

We have, unfortunately, over 300 families that we currently service as young as three months old up to 21-22 years.

To learn more about the Kid’s Cancer Foundation and how you can help/ get involved, CLICK HERE.

LHF: That’s really a wonderful thing. So, how long have the two of you been training with Jill here at Loggerhead Fitness?

Kelly: This coming February will be two years. I’ve lost over 55 pounds, almost 16% body fat or more and I’m going to be doing my third [body competition] this weekend. 

One thing I will say about this gym in particular, and the group of clients that Jill trains, is that everybody is very supportive and encouraging of one another. It truly is a FitFam!

Amanda: Before and After

LHF: Jill, can you tell us about yourself and how you became a trainer?

Jill: Well, I was always an athlete. I played field hockey for the national team in Scotland. Then, I went through nursing school, came to the States, and from there, I deciding to transition over into personal training. I’ve been with Loggerhead Fitness for six years now.

LHF: Kelly and Amanda, how often do you train with Jill and has it kicked up a bit with the competitions coming? 

Kelly: At least three days a week. Definitely more so right before show prep.

Jill: Yes, we do show prep, posing, everything.

LHF: And Jill, have you done competitions as well?

Jill: Oh yes, I’ve done close to 45-46  since starting in 2010. I got my pro card, became a professional and now I do loads of shows every year.

LHF: Finally, Kelly and Amanda, can you go into detail about how training with Jill has impacted your lives?

Kelly: So, for me, the physical transformation was obviously a great thing. I mentioned how I gained some weight prior to meeting with Jill, and how I had some health issues that are now gone. But, it’s a great thing to hit one goal and then set another one, like maybe I can  get my pro card before I’m 50. So, there are a lot of ongoing goals I guess you could say. Ultimately though, it’s more than a physical transformation for me. I’m happier, I’m not fatigued. I’m a better person, mother, wife. I’m just happier mentally and feel better about myself.

Amanda: For me, training with Jill has definitely impacted me both mentally and physically. The confidence of being able to just feel good in my every day life is just the best.

Jill: Don’t forget the calendar, Amanda. She made it into the national fire women’s calendar!

LHF: Wow, you guys are rockstars! Thank you so much for sharing your stories and taking the time to talk with us today.

(Amanda, Jill, & Kelly)

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