LHF: First, thank you for taking the time to meet with us! We heard you were big into marathon running, how did you get into that?

Amanda: I’ve always been active, I joined a running club in my early 20’s, then met my husband who’s always encouraged me to do that. I ran my first marathon in 1984, in Germany and then the next 8 months after my daughter was born and then I just got hooked.

My goal is to run a marathon on every continent. I have two more to go, Asia and Australia.

LHF: Wow, so you’ve done Antarctica then?

Amanda: Yes, I’ve done Antarctica, it was incredible. We spent 10 days on a boat going around the continent.

My other goal is to do the six major marathons which are; New York, London, Boston, Chicago, Berlin, and Tokyo. I have Berlin and Tokyo to do. So, I am on a wait list for Berlin in September, then we’re off to New Zealand in November, and I’m going to do Tokyo in February.

LHF: Oh really? And what is the training like when you have a marathon coming up?

Amanda: Just steady buildup of miles, this week I’ve run 30 miles, I find back to back trainings are good for me, today is my rest day, although I have a session with Denys this afternoon.

How I got to Loggerhead Fitness was, when my daughter was here in August for surgery, she’s always gone to gyms, and she said “Mom, you should go. When did you last do something for you?” So, from there, we met Denys, the Personal Trainer, and we immediately gravitated towards her. She made it fun and different every time. My daughter had surgery and Denys took the time to work out different exercises she could do.

Since then, I’ve been trying to go twice a week and every time it’s different. She focuses on my running, as well as tennis, I play a lot of tennis, and my general wellbeing. I can run and run but I think I’m going to get stronger and be able to do more by doing this training with her.

I am really enjoying it, I never thought I would be a gym person.

LHF: Well, Amanda thank you so much for sharing your story and your goals with us. It was a pleasure!




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