Meet Loggerhead Fitness member Cindy Gilbert and her trainer Tom Fallone.  Since joining the gym in Feb, 2016, she has lost 60 pounds. We sat down with her for a few minutes and asked her about her experience working out with us.

LHF: Hello Cindy, thank you for being the subject of this month’s spotlight!

Cindy: Thanks! Happy to do it.

LHF: Tell img_cindi-before2
me a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? Have you lived in Florida your whole life?

Cindy: I was born in Virginia and we moved down when I was around ten. Except for my college years, yes I’ve spent the majority of my life in North Palm and Jupiter, Florida.

LHF: How did you hear about us? What drew you to Loggerhead Fitness?

Cindy: Well, I work for Bill Mayfield, who is a member here. I had mentioned I was interested in getting back into shape, and he mentioned his trainer Tom F alone, who is now my trainer! [Laughs]. Tom is wonderful, and without my boss stepping in like that, I’m not sure I’d be here doing this the way I have been.

LHF: Have you noticed major improvements in your life outside of the gym since you’ve started your training here?

Cindy: It’s been a struggle. When your goal is weight loss, it’s obviously about changing many aspects of your whole lifestyle. At 61, my eating has changed. Tom helped me by telling me what to eat and when to eat. Also, what nutritional information I should be keeping my eye out for.

LHF: Has he provided any personal recipes?Cindy_Gilbert-after

Cindy: Actually, yes! And he tries all the recipes before he gives them to me. If it gets his stamp of approval, then He’ll pass it on to me. He’s great at working on different parts of my lifestyle, like encouraging me to walk more, which I’ve been doing.

LHF: It sounds like overall your experience with Loggerhead has been pretty successful.

Cindy: Absolutely! I’ve been training with Tom now for a year and I’ve lost 60 lbs. I couldn’t have done that without Tom’s encouragement and just knowing that he’s there to guide me. And I love the atmosphere here. It’s small enough to where you get to know each other. The members and staff are very friendly. I love it!

LHF: Lastly, can you tell us something interesting about you outside of your new healthy lifestyle? Any Hobbies?

Cindy: Well, my husband and I live on the river, so we’ll often go out and kayak or just swim to the sandbar. I have noticed obviously now having lost the weight, how much easier physical activities like this are. Generally, I just love being on, in or around the water!

LHF: Well, thanks again for taking the time to tell us a little bit more about yourself. Keep up the good work!

Cindy: Thanks, will do!

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