David Mallegol
Loggerhead Fitness Member since, 2016

LHF: Hello David and welcome! Can you just tell me a little bit about where you’re from, where you grew up, and how you got into writing?

David: I grew up in Jersey, Dirt Road, about a mile from the paved road, little small town. I went to grammar school, high school, and college there. While in college, I worked for three different newspapers in Trenton, New Jersey, and I did some writing for them. I also wrote my college basketball program, some of the stats for the players, who they were, and stories about them, just getting experience.

When I graduated, I went with a local newspaper mostly as a stringer, so they would assign me to an event like a football game or something like that. But I joined Johnson & Johnson, the big pharmaceutical company in New Jersey and I was with them for 38 years.  In the meantime, I wrote some papers for them, but mostly I worked my way over to management. I had a great career, 38 years is a long time and it’s still a terrific career

Once I retired in 2003, I moved down here, I was looking for something to do and started writing my novels again. So, the three books that I have are in a series called The Bronze Horseman (that has sold 4,000 copies), Adventures of the Bronze Horseman, and Hunt for the Wolf Clan. They’re based on the people called Botai who were the actual first people to ride horses back 5,500 years ago. And I just published my fourth book called Outta Newark, that’s “O-U-T-T-A,” just like a Newark person would say it.

LHF: How did you hear about Loggerhead Fitness?

David: Well, I live about a mile from here. I used to volunteer at the Loggerhead Marine Life Center across the road where they save turtles. I was there for five years and I heard about it there. At that time, I lived in a place that had a small gym and I didn’t really need a gym, but then I decided to be here permanently, bought a house.  As I said, a mile from here and I needed a gym, so I knew where this was and it had a friendly atmosphere. I checked out some other gyms in the area, by the way, and they were not so friendly.

LHF: What do you enjoy doing at the gym? Do you do the classes?

David: I don’t do the classes, because I do outside bicycle riding. I like to use the weights and I like to use the indoor bicycle, especially here in Florida, riding a bike outside, it’s always hot and humid

 and it rains quite a bit. Having a gym is really a must, and this place, the machines, there’s plenty of them, they’re clean, they all work. It’s a great place to be, it’s kind of an age group thing, too. If I’m thinking for somebody in the 40 to 75 categories it’s going to fit you very well.

LHF: Well, you seem very happy and healthy. I guess, any parting words of advice?

David: I’d like to invite everybody to come to an event right out here on Indiantown Road, November 8th. It starts at 3 o’clock, it’s at the Casa Mia Trattoria & Pizzeria on 337 East Indiantown Road. I’ll be there and some other authors will be there talking about our books. So, it’s a nice opportunity to meet some authors and see what we’re all about.

LHF: Thank you very much for your time David!

David: You’re very welcome!

David also mentions that when he is not writing or selling his novels, he enjoys growing beautiful orchids on palm trees outside his home as well as riding his jet ski.

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