Helena Olechpwski
Loggerhead Fitness Member since, 2011

LHF: Hello Helena and welcome! Last year you visited Loggerhead Fitness over 200 times, and this year you’re on track to do the same! What is it about this gym that you love so much?

Helena: I love the Yoga class. I used to have very bad back problems, but the teachers have helped me a lot in helping to alleviate that. They correct me when I may be doing a pose that would be bad for my back. They modify to me abilities and needs. They know that I came to heal my back, and I’ve had very positive results.

LHF: Besides Yoga, do you participate in any other classes?

Helena: Yes. I used to take other classes – a little Zumba. I tried Pilates, but I realized that wasn’t for me. In place of Zumba, I walk the ocean for 3 miles every day. It’s quiet, with beautiful scenery!

LHF:  You will be 87 next month. What is the secret to remaining so youthful and energetic?

Helena: It’s staying active. Exercise. Yoga. Walking. Things everyone can do. These all helped me in resolving my back problems. At one point, it was so bad that I could not walk. Not even half a mile, because the pain was so bad. At first I was doing the exercises on my own to help address the pain, but I soon figured out that it would be more fun in a group environment! And I know that I can count on the teachers to correct me if I’m doing something wrong.

LHF:  Have you always been into physical fitness, or has this come about later in life?

Helena: No, I didn’t exercise at all really when I was younger. I was married at 20, and very soon after gave birth to two children. My oldest son is 66 years old! I didn’t really have time then, going through law school and then working for a law firm in my native Poland.

LHF: Beyond just the classes, what is it about Loggerhead Fitness that keeps you coming back?

Helena: The teachers, who have helped me a great deal. I know I can count on them. And the friendliness of the staff, a sense of community here at the gym.

Barbara (Helena’s Daughter): Mom is a trooper. When my daughter was five, she was learning how to skate. My mother had never skated, so she learned right along with her at over 50 years of age! She grew up in Poland during World War II, so she didn’t really have any opportunity to exercise or to learn any sports. She started all of this later in life.

LHF:  So I guess it’s never too late to start!

Helena: Yes, that’s the most important thing to remember; it’s never too late!

LHF: Awesome! Well thanks for doing the interview, and keep up the good work.

Helena: Thank you.

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