Jaime Estremera-Fitzgerald
Loggerhead Fitness Member since, 2015

LHF: First, thank you for taking the time to meet with us! How long have you been a member with Loggerhead Fitness?

Jaime: Of course. I’ve been a member through personal training about a year and a half. I train with Sue Benson and its changed my life. I’m 71, I have a 13-year-old and being a leader in the aging field, I think it’s important to stay in shape.

I’ve never liked gyms, I’ve always been a runner but after speaking with Rick, the owner, I just decided to do it, and now I do personal training three times a week and it’s just changed my life.

LHF: So where are you from and how did you get involved with the Area Agency on Aging (AAA)?

Jaime: Well, I was born in Puerto Rico and my parents migrated to California, so I was raised in California, and I have a long history of a lot of different things. I was a minister at some point, I was in the music management business for a lot of artists, I did radio in Santa Fe, New Mexico for sixteen years and that’s where I really became an advocate for children, all the way to seniors.

I was very fortunate; my wife was very close to her father who was living in Jupiter at time, so we came to Jupiter. I’ve been with AAA for now starting my thirteenth year, first as COO and then CEO and its wonderful!

Our whole purpose is to help seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities live at home for as long as possible. We help the care givers to be able to do that, we help the seniors, we help the adults with disabilities and then we’re also the gateway to all the public services and programs to keep those people at home.

In house, we have a lot of programs. We have the help line (866-684-5885) which is really our biggest tool for the community. If you’re a senior, caregiver, or adult with disabilities this is the center you call for help. We are a circle of care and within that circle there’s lots of partners that we have but the whole idea is that we provide that help to people when they really need it.

Getting back to Loggerhead, It’s been so neat to work with a local club that is really involved in the community as well. What it’s done for me is something I am carrying on to other people and that is; when you reach a certain age, it’s very important to stay healthy.

LHF: Wow, that’s spectacular! You’ve mentioned that you do personal training with us, is there any other aspect of the club or other classes that you take part in?

Jaime: Not really at this point because the way Rick and these trainers have it organized, and what I really love, is that personal training really incorporates everything that Loggerhead offers. It’s very well rounded and customized, you know, I’m 71, and I can tell you after a year and a half, I can tell by practical things the value in it. I can go and tie my shoes or take them on and off a heck of a lot quicker than I could just three years ago and that’s important, and if you have a thirteen year old that’s REALLY important.

LHF: Well, Jaime, thank you again for sharing your story. Do you have any parting words?

Jaime: Thank you, my parting words would be that I want to promote the club, because that is important but also to let not only the club members and their families, but everyone in our area, know that we are here and about what we do.

For more information on Your Aging & Disability Resource Center, please visit http://www.youragingresourcecenter.org/.


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