LHF: Hi, Jason. Thank you so much for taking the time to be February’s Spotlight Interview. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jason: Sure thing. Well, for my day job, I’ve been a lawyer for 24 years. I specialize in investment lost recovery, so people that have malpractice or fraud cases against an investment advisor or stock broker; I am one of those guys that goes to get the money back for them. On a part time basis, I am the Mayor of Juno Beach. I serve on the board of my religious organization, as well as a local charity.

I’ve been in South Florida for 24 years. I attended the University of Florida, then after graduating law school and passing the New York and New Jersey bar, I came back down to pass the Florida bar, and took a part time

law clerk position at this firm. Now, I’m still here and I am a senior partner.

LHF: Wow! So, what was the motivation behind becoming the Mayor of Juno Beach?

Jason: Well, about five years ago we had some local issues that just bothered me and I felt I needed to speak up and be heard. There was an open seat when the incumbent was not running for reelection, and fortunately, I got that seat on the town council. After that, I became Mayor for one year, reran a second time, and was unanimously reappointed. Hopefully, in March, I will be as fortunate and begin a third term.

I’ve been a resident of Juno Beach for 16 years now. I could not have asked for a better town to live, work, and raise a family in.

LHF: I couldn’t agree more! How did you get involved with Loggerhead Fitness?

Jason: About 7 or 8 years ago, I had been working out at another gym, but I wanted something a bit closer to home. So, I went in to Loggerhead, tried it for two weeks, enjoyed it, and have been a member ever since.

LHF: What are your preferred types of workouts?

Jason: I’ve always been good at kicking my own butt. The biggest problem for me, is finding the time to work out. My work as an attorney, along with being Mayor, doesn’t involve a whole lot of physical activity. It’s important to me to reduce the stress level and take time for myself at the gym. I always look forward to being in there and using the weights or doing cardio. In the past year or so, my wife became a member as well. She takes personal training classes with Julie and loves it too. So now we’re both into it!

LHF: Glad to hear! Well, Jason, Thank you again for meeting with us.

Jason: Absolutely.

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