LHF: Hi Jeff, Thank you for being our April Spotlight Interview! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

JEFF: I was born in Birmingham Alabama. Other than my younger sister Stacie, who lives with her family in North Carolina, my parents and all my relatives live outside of Tuscaloosa. Yes, we all are diehard Alabama fans. I do have one crazy aunt who is an Auburn fan.
My wife Bonnie was born and raised here in Palm Beach Gardens. We have two boys, Brandon who lives and works in Atlanta, and Hunter who attends college up in North Carolina and plays baseball.
My family moved here to Juno beach in 1977. I attended college at Troy University in Troy Alabama.
After graduating from Troy, I moved back to Juno Beach. My father who worked for Sears for 33 years, got me a job at Sears while I looked for a job in Marketing. The Sears job turned into 25 years. I’m now a Supervisor for the State of Florida under the Department of Business & Professional Regulation.

Jeff with baseball player, David Ortiz.

LHF: Where you always into personal fitness?

JEFF: As far as fitness, I was always in the gym. I played football and wrestled in high school and college. My football career & wrestling was cut short after my third knee surgery in college. Later in college I competed in Powerlifting in ADFPA meets. After returning to Florida I continued to work out daily at the gym.

LHF: How did you get involved with Loggerhead Fitness?

JEFF: I got started with Loggerhead Fitness by accident. Back around 2002 or so I started coming to Loggerhead Fitness which was then Waterfront Fitness. I would come at 5 AM when they opened. Problem was several times a week, the person who was to open would be late or not show up at all. After several complaints to the owner, he said “I will make a deal with you, I’ll pay you to open, watch the desk, and you can work out, I’ll have someone there to take over by 6-7 AM”. That’s how it started. Along with opening, I now do a lot of the cleaning for the club. I’m up at 4 AM every morning and to the gym.

LHF: What are your preferred types of workouts/classes?

JEFF: I prefer all free weights. I now do a lot more core type training which has helped tremendously. As far as classes, I have only done the Small Group Training. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to the next level. Do it three days a week and you will see & feel a difference.
LHF: What other activities/hobbies do you do outside of the gym?

JEFF: I am on the boat all most every weekend. We fish, dive, paddle board, and are on the water in some form every weekend.

LHF: What is the greatest benefit you feel you get from working with Loggerhead Fitness?

JEFF: The greatest benefit I get from working at Loggerhead fitness is being in the gym – fitness atmosphere. Working at Loggerhead supports my number one hobby which is working out and fitness. Free gym membership is a plus!

LHF: How would you describe the progress you’ve made since joining?

JEFF: As far as progress since joining Loggerhead Fitness, I have to say being more open minded to periodically changing-up workout routines, adding more core and circuit type training over the past few years has helped me.

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