LHF: Hi, Michael! Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with us! To start, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Mike: Well, I’m originally from New Haven, Connecticut. Raised there for a few years then my parents moved us to a small town called Torrington, which is where I spent the majority of my life growing up. My fitness journey began in high school as a sprinter on the high school track team. I chose track above other sports because I absolutely hated running, but many of my friends got into great shape by doing just that. Additionally, most of them were already on the track team already. So, I said if I’m going to get in shape, I will just have to embrace this one thing that I hate until I love it, and by the end of the track season, I really liked running!

Fast forward some years after I completed my schooling, and I found myself working my first corporate job at the CIGNA HEALTHCARE HEADQUARTERS as a full-time underwriting technician. Ironically, it just so happened that my cubicle was placed facing directly out of a big window on the top floor, overlooking the Cigna campus. I would watch with envy all my underwriter friends outside jogging during their lunch hour. Meanwhile, I was stuck in front of a computer compiling spreadsheets and reports! I soon learned

that the reason they all jogged at lunch was because according to company policy, if an employee joined the lunchtime running club, they were allowed an extra 20 minutes for lunch. The next day I joined the running club.

It would not be long before I realized that sitting at a desk all day was not my calling. I started learning about group fitness from the corporate group fitness director, who taught fitness classes in the corporate gym. I really fell in love with the group fitness dynamic there; it had music, it was interactive, and high energy. So, I started to realize I could probably do something with this – make a career out of it, etc.

My big break came when a friend of mine invited me to visit south Florida for a few months. So, I came

down and researched all the gymsin the area. For the next couple years, I worked in many gyms part time here in the west palm beach area as a group exercise and spin Instructor. Just as I was about to make the big leap to become a full-time personal trainer, my wife and I found out we were expecting a little one! So, I made the decision to transition to another passion of mine, the culinary field. But I always promised myself I would get back into fitness one day when the time was right. So, when Rick offered me an opportunity to work at Loggerhead Fitness, it was very serendipitous. Additionally, my kids are older now and I felt it was time to get back to my fitness career goals.

LHF: Wow, seems like perfect timing! Can you share with us what classes you currently teach with Loggerhead?

Mike: Currently I teach two level 1 small group training classes, several indoor cycling classes(spin), and work on the gym floor as a certified Personal trainer. My personal training certification Is through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and my spin certification Is thru Madd Dog Athletics.

LHF: Do you have any outdoor activities or hobbies that you enjoy?

Mike: Well, I still have a passion cooking, I am very much a foodie. However, I also really enjoy indoor rock climbing and mountain biking, along with running. I also have some additional certifications that I am working towards; like corrective exercise specialist and golf exercise specialist.

Another passion of mine is Djing. I used to DJ professionally, and good music is life to me! It is something that I Infuse right into my classes, and it’s what I find that people like the most; high energy music that creates an oasis away from everyday life. For the spin classes, I actually create nonstop mixes without breaks so as to have a continuous flow, so by that time the hours done, you don’t even realize!

LHF: That’s great, Mike! You must really enjoy what you do. What would you say would be some on the best benefits from this line of work?

Mike: Helping people become the best version of themselves is so amazingly awesome because it effects

every aspect of their lives. That “I can do this” feeling just overflows. It’s totally a mental game because p

eople will come to me and say, “no way, I can’t do that.” But once they push themselves and achieve that personal best, then it’s like “See you did it! Ok, now what else can you do?!” I just love that part!

LHF: Lastly, Mike, what would you say to someone that is hesitant to come to a class or may feel self-conscious signing up with a trainer?

Mike: The hardest part is just starting, because once you make the decision to begin, with

consistency, it’s only a matter of time until you see results. It’s really that simple; time and consistency. As for feeling self-conscious, trust me, I’ve had those thoughts, but especially within Loggerhead, most people are looking,not in a judgmental way, but more like “Wow, that’s really good that they are doing that and bettering themselves.” Not comparing myself to others was a big obstacle I have had to overcome at first, even when running track in high school. But once you get out of that headspace and strive for your personal best and only comparing yourself to your previous personal bests – that’s when the magic happens.

Inspirational Quotes Mike would like to share:
1. The truth Is, no matter what your circumstances, if you can Imagine something better for yourself, you can create It.
2. Strive to Be the type of person you would want to meet.
3. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
4. You’ve only got three choices in life: give up, give In, or give It all you’ve got.
5. We all become what we think about, so think to win.


Mike Instructing the Group Cycle Class (held Monday & Tuesday at 7AM):

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