LHF: Hi Pat, thanks so much for being our June spotlight interview! To start, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Pat: Well, I have six sons and we own a business together. Years ago, I would always bike and swim, but I never really went to a gym. But then more recently, I went through some health issues,

I had breast cancer. So, after all my treatments I felt I really needed to get back into shape. So, Loggerhead Fitness had their Small Group Training class and the instructor was Glen, and he we just great!  From starting with this class, I lost 15 pounds.

LHF: Oh wow, that’s amazing!

Pat: I just felt so much better plus it was fun and had great music. The class made a huge difference not only physically, but with my mental state too; I felt good about myself and I was looking much better. So, I kept that up and, in the meantime, I was working and traveling, but then I had another setback. I needed to have knee replacement surgery due to effects from the medication I was taking after chemo. It just intensified my arthritis very fast causing mostly every movement to be very painful. It was terrible, I could barely get out of the car. But! My daughter-in-law is a Physical Therapist and she advised me, before I set up the replacement surgery, to work with a trainer on strengthening exercises. She said it would be difficult, but that it would make recovery so much better. So, that’s how I started one-on-one personal training with Glen.

LHF: Interesting, how long did you train with Glen before you had the surgery?

Pat: I trained with him for six weeks before I had the surgery. And now, after the surgery and rehab, I am just perfect now! I can bike, I can swim, and my doctor was just amazed at my recovery time. My rehab trainer actually cut my sessions short and told me to just keep working at it at the gym because I was doing so well. Now, I am ready to get back to the Small Group Training classes again as well.

LHF: Wow, Pat, that is so great to hear! How often do you try to workout at Loggerhead Fitness?

Pat:  Well, I go two days a week to the gym, then I bike three days, and swim intermittently throughout the week too. So, that works out great for me, plus I like the accountability of having Glen there!  I’ve also learned a lot of workouts that I can do at home or while I am traveling and that’s really helped me continue working when I can’t be at the gym. Like I mentioned, I used to bike and swim, but when I was younger going to the gym and strength training was not something you did. So, I guess the lesson is your never too late to start!

LHF: We couldn’t agree more! Pat, thank you again for sharing your story with us!

Pat: Well, thank you! I was happy to help.

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