LHF: Hi Rose, thank you so much for taking the time to talk. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Rose: Well I’m originally from Holland, I’ve been here for 20 years. I’m 46 years old, a physical therapist, and I’m a runner/ triathlete. However, two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer which put everything to a halt. Last year in May, is when I first came to Loggerhead Fitness, because I run with a running group nearby and a few of my friends go to the club as well. At that point, I wasn’t ready to run with the group yet, I was still trying to get my endurance back after treatment, but I felt I had to at least do something. So, that’s when I walked into the club. I found it to be such a fun place to work out, I don’t enjoy the big muscle gyms, and then I saw the workout studios, and thought that was right up my alley. Now, after two years, I am considered cured.

LHF: Wow, that is so great to hear!

Rose: Yes, after many rounds of chemo and radiation, there were some complications, it took a little longer to get to a level of functioning. Afterwards, in the beginning of 2017, I really felt that I needed to get back into working out, because I couldn’t run as much, I just didn’t have the stamina.

LHF: Well, with running being such a big part of your life, you must have missed it.

Rose: It’s such a stress reliever! I love doing triathlons but running is really my thing. So, to build up my strength I would walk a bit, ride my bike, but I can’t push myself like I used to.

Many of the medications I’m on now cause joint pains and tendentious, so when I met Julie the trainer, I couldn’t even sit on the floor without needing help to get myself back up, I had trouble standing on one foot getting dressed, and lots of issues doing everyday things. After, watching and taking her classes, I started associating the workouts with my functional activities and modifying certain moves.

LHF: Have you been seeing a progression or a change?

Rose: Oh, absolutely! I mean, I’m able to meet all of my small, personal goals I’ve set.

LHF: That’s wonderful! Lastly, I’d love for you to touch on the Sari Center that you’re working with and its benefits.

Rose: So, I am a co-chairperson of The Sari Center. The center was named after a cancer patient years ago, who was terminal, but did all holistic treatments that truly gave her many more, well-worth years. Her family started this center in her memory. What they do is, they treat the side effects of cancer treatments. They don’t treat cancer, but they have acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness treatments. Some services are free, but they really work with patients if payment or insurance is an issue.

Their 10th anniversary is coming up and I thought, why not host a run to raise money? So, there is a 5K set up on April 7th to support the center.

LHF: How wonderful, best of luck with that! Rose, thank you again for sharing your story.

If you’re interest in learning more or getting involved with the Sari Center, please visit SariCenter.org


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