gh_4So I see Gregg training in the club frequently with Jill Dearmin, his trainer for more than 11 years.   He’s fit, he looks focused, but you don’t really understand the commitment he’s made until you have the opportunity to sit and talk with him for a while….

Gregg was training with Jill for years when – her idea he says:  they got the bug to do more.  Train more.  So much so that he could ultimately compete on a Master’s level.  The Master’s Division levels are offered for over 40, 50, 60 and 70 years of age. 

Gregg was 59 when he made this commitment.

His first competition was at the age of 60 at a local show here at Dwyer High School called the Sunshine Classic where he finished first in his age group.

In 2014 he finished first in his age group’s Master’s Division in the Tampa Bay Classic.   In 2015, he finished second in the North American Championships, Master’s Division and third in the US Masters in Pittsburgh, PA; and just recently WON for the second year in a row, the Lou Ferrigno Legacy in Palm Springs, California.

gh_1How does a quote, unquote, average, fit guy who works out several times a week turn himself into an UBER-fit, perfect body specimen at the age of 65?   With a ton of work and dedication.  Modestly, Gregg gives his trainer most of the credit.  ‘Having a professional trainer who is an IFBB Pro Physique competitor, who really understands what she’s asking me to do because she lives this life, motivates me.  I want to be the best I can because of Jill and the work we do.’

The commitment is extreme with numerous workouts each day, as well as a very strict diet of clean foods eaten six times per day.  Chili-cheese-fries are not an option.

It’s obvious when you see Gregg that he is in terrific shape.   So we asked what a difference this has made to how he feels … ‘I feel like I’m 40.  The discipline has touched other areas of my life too.  I’m positive this has added years to my life and I want to feel this good for as long as possible.’

gh_2Gregg grew up in North Carolina and attended Appalachian State University where he competitively skied for two years.  He later moved to New England; and continued skiing for close to 200 days per year.   Gregg moved to Florida in 1988, and here he runs and operates a consultant business for sporting good equipment companies such as Wilson, Nike, Adidas and Riddell to help with compliance on ASTM standards.

He has done extensive traveling but his favorites are Cape Town, South Africa; Hawaii and California.   Gregg is also a professional photographer. His shots of wild life in South Africa are just amazing.  You can see an example of his work on his site at

Gregg plans to compete for at least another two years.  He is already working toward another competition in 11 weeks, (at PGA National Resort, February 20th) which means soon

[again] he’ll be stepping it up to a three workout a day schedule. Could you keep up?   To reach out to Gregg you can email him at

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