LHF: Hi Patricia. Thank you for participating in our Member Spotlight. Tell me a little about yourself?

Patricia: I work as a Transactional Analyst teaching communication skills that make relationships work better, from romantic relationships to workplace relationships. I take calls and have sessions with clients from literally all over the world who are seriously interested in their personal growth and transformation, and growing in love and trust with the people closest to them. I’ve been in the health field a long time starting in Malibu, California, where my former husband and I had a holistic health clinic. My professional practice has evolved, and I am also one of the few expert Dream Analysts working today. Recently, my book The Dream Class: Know Your Dreams Know Yourself! was published by Veronica Lane Books.

My partner, Etan Boritzer, and I now live in Juno Beach. He helped me greatly in editing and getting my book published. Recently, I presented a talk on dreams sponsored by the Juno Civic Association, and also at Mangrove Bay. I love sharing my knowledge and I always welcome the opportunity to present to various groups publicly as I have done for the past 26 years of my career.

LHF: So, were you always into fitness?

Patricia: Yes! I’ve done almost every sport including surfing, skiing and tennis. I’ve been into horses and horse jumping since I rode my first pony at age three. My family had a cattle ranch outside LA and I got to be a young cowgirl rounding up cattle there. After part of my formal education in Switzerland, I returned to California, professionally training horse show jumpers. In fact, I was the West Coast champion in horse jumping twice and was ranked 10th in the country at one time. I also did TV acting and modeling nationally and internationally to support my horse habit.

LHF: How did you get involved with Loggerhead Fitness?

Patricia: When Etan and I moved into our condo in Juno, I asked a friend where I could work out. She immediately said “Loggerhead Fitness!” So now I’m taking a variety of classes including Pilates and yoga, and I just signed up for personal training. I love Loggerhead!

LHF: What do you like most about Loggerhead Fitness

Patricia: The staff at Loggerhead is very friendly. They make it so inviting for anyone of any age. The equipment room is well organized and clean. And I like that there’s a variety of classes to choose from. There’s something for everyone at Loggerhead.

LHF: What do you do when you’re not working out?

Patricia: Well, I am busy daily helping my clients work through their dreams and their relationship challenges, and everyone has those to varying degrees. I’m also an avid paddle boarder and I love the ocean. I love cooking, fine dining, socializing with our new Florida friends, and of course, I am always reading and studying more info in my field to help others fulfill their greatest potential in life.

LHF: Do you have any words of inspiration you would like to share?

Patricia: It’s so important to maintain your physical and your social/emotional fitness. Staying balanced and grounded helps you serve others with your own God-given talents and gifts, and live your life to the fullest. Never be afraid to go deep inside yourself to discover your hidden treasures!

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