Yoga Beach Palm Beach Gardens FL

While searching for a health club to take Juno Beach Yoga, you will notice Loggerhead Fitness.  At Loggerhead fitness we have been voted Palm Beach Counties number one health club two years in a row and offer customers a variety of yoga classes from beginner’s classes to senior classes.  Yoga offers many different benefits from improving balance, strength, and flexibility and much more.

At Loggerhead Fitness we offer Yoga in Juno Beach for beginners, intermediate, and advanced classes.  Yoga is one of the world’s oldest sciences of physical and mental development.  It provides people with a variety of stretches and breathing exercises. It is meant to calm the nerves, increase vitality, improve circulation, slim your figure, and stimulate vital organs and glands.  The breathing exercises are meant to relax the nervous system, improve sleep, relieve deep tension, and make you more resistant to repertory ailments.

In our beginner class you will learn how to take yoga safely and comfortably. Our intermediate class will take it up a notch and add standing poses, forward bents, twists and balances ending with pranayama and meditation.  Finally our advanced class will deepen your knowledge of asanas.  It will include shoulder stands, head stands and back bends.

Once you have visited us and take our Juno Beach Yoga, you will be sure to find everything you have been looking for.  We are sure you will enjoy our classes and our instructors and find everything you have been searching for in a Yoga class.  To learn more about our Juno Beach Yoga, we encourage you to contact or visit us today at Loggerhead Fitness.

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