What is an uplift fee? Click here to read our UPLIFT 2024 letter to members.

Uplift fees are funds we raise each year that we reinvest into the gym. Instant ROI!

Every year in the 3rd week of January we charge members a $55 uplift fee, ($85 for families of two or more). The money we collect goes towards “uplifting” the facility. We buy new equipment and we do facility and infrastructure improvements.

In the coming weeks we will start 2024 improvements. Some of our aging equipment, such as benches and racks will be replaced. We will order small hand weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, mats, balls, bands, ropes and more. Upholstery work will happen to fix seats and pads that are showing wear and tear. The table in the massage room needs repairs and we will finish adding decals to wall areas painted over the summer.

Facility improvements planed for q1 2024 are:

  • Full Facility Deep Clean – All surfaces, including a rejuvenation of the wooden floor.
  • Installation of new digital-combo locks to replace the key locks in our lockers.
  • Sauna Refurbishment – Fresh wood and sanding in both saunas, along with a new heater for the Ladies’ Sauna.
  • Acquisition of a new strength training leg machine.
  • Replacement of worn-out bands, tubes, exercise balls, dumbbells, chairs, and other small equipment.
  • Reconstruction of the electrical raceway housing cables and electrical outlets that supply power and TV signal to our Cardio Machines.
  • Upholstery work – Replacement of worn-out upholstery.
  • Sound System Upgrade – New speakers in the main gym.
  • Bench Replacement – Exchange of flat benches with adjustable incline benches.
  • Interior decals in the gym and PT Studio.

Your uplift fees work. Thank you!

~Loggerhead Fitness