As Season settles in we have tweaked our Group X schedule to make room for new classes. We have also worked the start times and days for other classes to make sure we can continue to provide a robust and diverse menu from which to pick. The class schedule can be found online (click here) and you can download a printable version as well. To make it easy for you to recognize the differences we date our schedule and highlight in yellow the changes made.

Here is a recap of the changes and additions to come:

What’s changed?

Wed: Cardio Step – Jacey Barnes will teach this class starting this week, November 16th at 8am.

Tue: Mat Pilates – Samya will teach this class starting this week, November 15th, at 9am

What’s being added?

Mon: Zumba Gold – Lisa Hyman will teach this class starting next week, Monday November, 21st at 1:30pm

Group Cycle: Coming soon – we are close to announcing a new Group Cycle class in the morning. We should have this confirmed by end of this week.

By the end of November we will have a total of 46 weekly Group X classes. We are proud of our Group X program and your feedback is appreciated. Use the link below to make any suggestions or give us your opinion.

>> Group X Suggestion Form