Yoga is the world’s oldest science of physical and mental development. It consists of stretching postures and breathing exercises. Yoga calms the nerves, increases vitality, improves circulation, slims and firms the figure, and stimulates vital organs and glands. The breathing technique of yoga will relax your entire nervous system, improve sleep, relieve deep tension, and make you resistant to respiratory ailments such as the common cold.

We have three levels of classes at Loggerhead Fitness and all are filled with inspiring music and taught by nurturing teachers who empower students to listen to their own inner wisdom.

The beginner class creates an atmosphere of safety and comfort while stretching and toning your body, relaxing your mind and energizing your spirit.

The intermediate class builds upon your knowledge of the foundations of yoga. Standing poses, forward bends, twists and balances are emphasized ending with pranayama and meditation.

The advanced class refines and deepens your knowledge of the asanas. Shoulder stand, head stand and back bends are introduced.

Whatever your level of flexibility or fitness, we’ll find a class that suits your abilities and ambitions.

Ryvis Sierra, Instructor

Ryvis is a certified yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  She started practicing as a way to help her autoimmune conditions and over time learned and reaped the healing benefits of yoga in every part of her life…physical, mental and spiritual…and now enjoys sharing these with others.  Having had to adjust yoga for her own body type, she encourages play and movement in class to instill body awareness, supports adjustments to help students find poses in their own body, and shares alignment techniques so students can strengthen their practice.  Ryvis is PR professional and Florida native who enjoys the beach, cycling, healthy living, travel, adventure, family and friends.