Motivation March

What is your personal goal for exercise? If you’ve never thought about that question take a moment to consider. Here are three simple goals to keep in mind: healthy aging, molding your body to what YOU want it to be, and staying injury free. Your fitness journey is about you, not about what someone else thinks you should be. Wherever you are, if it’s fitness or even life, don’t compare yourself to others. Do what you can do! Set daily, monthly, and even yearly goals to better yourself and keep from plateauing. Make sure those goals are able to be met and maintained so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. We are all a work in progress!

Group X classes are in full swing—we have over 40 each week. Try a Yoga, Zumba, Group Cycle or Silver Sneakers class. Not sure if it is right for you, call me and I can help you find the right exercise class to fit YOUR needs. Amanda Hollingsworth, Director, Group X at Loggerhead Fitness. Reach me at: