Julie Johnson is a Personal Trainer and Small Group Training Instructor at Loggerhead Fitness in Juno Beach. Last month she ran in the West Palm Beach Half Marathon.

Recently the question was posed to me, “What’s the real reason we exercise?”  My first thought was that while many may argue that there’s a “right” answer to this question, this could be different for everyone.  I have many of my own ideas based on my feelings and experiences, but I wanted to hear what others had to say so I posted the question on Facebook.

Here are some of the responses:

– Be healthy

– Eat what I want

– Have more energy

– Feel better

– Feel and be stronger

– Cardiovascular health

– Fitness

– Look better (thinner, muscular, toned, etc.)

– Stress reduction

– To tell my trainer I do

– Fun

– To be the 90 year old who can still flip truck tires (there’s always one)

The amazing thing is that most of these are great reasons to exercise (I personally think any reason is a great reason to exercise as long as you’re doing it).  I exercise for many different reasons.  To me, fun is number one, but exercising also makes me feel stronger and healthier and reduces stress.  At the end of a long day, I want nothing more than to do something active, whether it’s working out in the gym, running, biking, tennis, ultimate frisbee or pretty much anything else that gets me moving (as long as it isn’t swimming… sorry swimmers… swimming is on the bottom of my list).  Exercise helps me to feel and look great!

Everyone knows that Loggerhead Fitness provides equipment, classes and trainers, but have you ever considered the that the gym is also a great place to get to know people who have similar interests and want to get out and do exactly what you love to do?  You could meet people just by hanging out at the gym, but the best way to meet people is to join group fitness and small group training classes where you’ll have the opportunity to consistently spend time with the same people!

Bottom line, whatever your reason for exercising, an amazing workout awaits you at Loggerhead!

 – Julie