PACK-Image5-resized-for-emailsSmall Group Training (SGT) is one of the hottest trends in fitness right now. Why? The most basic reason is that participants are achieving amazing results while training with great groups of people!

While some people are self motivated and can achieve their desired fitness results on their own, most people won’t achieve the results they want without some outside motivation. Until SGT took the world by storm, the only options for motivation were one-on-one training, which while effective, doesn’t fit everyone’s budget, and large group classes, where participants often don’t receive the attention they need to learn to perform the exercises correctly. SGT offers a hybrid of the two, a group of no more than 6 people that is both more affordable than one-on-one training and more personalized than larger group classes.

Along with the draw of personalized training and the camaraderie of training with other people, SGT at Loggerhead Fitness requires very little time commitment, just 2 hours a week!  Can you really achieve results in just 2 hours a week? Of course you can!  And to prove it, during the first session, your trainer will put you through a series fitness tests. Your results will be recorded, and you’ll be retested during your last session so that you can see your gains.  Your trainer will also be available to give dietary advice and will push you to attend every session!

Loggerhead Fitness is excited to relaunch Small Group Training in July!  If you’re looking for some motivation that doesn’t break the bank, SGT is for you!  Stay tuned for details.